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19 November 2012

PU denies transferring Railways land title

THE Privatisation Unit has denied any role in the transfer of the title for Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) land in Nsambya to the Uganda Land Commission. The unit said it was a government decision. The parliamentary committee on state authorities and enterprises on Tuesday tasked officials of the unit to explain circumstances under which the Railways land in Nsambya and Port Bell, had been disposed off.

David Ssebabi, the defunct unit's executive director, said it was a decision made by the Cabinet. Ssebabi said the Divestiture, Reform and Implementation Committee (DRIC), which is made up of a team of ministers of finance and that of Privatisation, was responsible.

He said the sale of Railways properties was necessitated by the need to raise money to pay liabilities, which included retirement benefits and NSSF remittances since Railways Corporation was in financial distress.

He said: Subsequently, the DRIC met on June 29, 2010 and authorised the transfer of Nsambya land to Uganda Land Commission as per Government instructions.

DRIC made the decision that the Government would compensate Railways Corporation with value determined by the Government valuer. -
By Raymond Baguma and Henry Ssekanjako