Current procurement laws are rigid and inflexible, making them untenable for the new dispensation of Public-Private Partnerships. 
Aston Kajara, the State Minister for Finance minister revealed that a new law governing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) has been considered by Cabinet and is currently being reviewed by the parliamentary committee on finance.
“The procurement law is elaborate and most public servants do not understand it. It dictates that government must advertise every tender while Public Private Partnerships can be exclusive at times,” he said.


The Government is to re-open the Tororo-Pakwach railway line at the end of July after the completion of rehabilitation works.

Darlan De David, the Rift Valley Railways (RVR) group chief executive officer, in a letter to works minister Eng. Abraham Byandala, said the rehabilitated line will be completed on July 31.

In the June 20 letter, David said the rehabilitation works to Gulu would be completed by June 30. The letter was copied to the Uganda Railways Corporation and the Privatisation Unit in the Ministry of Finance.

“However, without the five level crossings between Lolim and Pakwach, we will complete works on July 15. In the event that the crossings are addressed in time with the full cooperation of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), we are confident that we shall be able to begin trial runs on the line from July 31,” David added.


A Ugandan firm is among nine companies that have expressed interest in the rehabilitation of the Kilembe mines in Kasese. The other eight that submitted bids which were opened on Friday at the Privatisation Unit offices are from the UK, China, Canada, Australia and Zambia.

The opening of the bids marks an end to the first phase of the project, in which the Privatisation Unit invited the expression of interest in the one-time shining mine. At the start of last month, companies were invited to re-confirm their interest; the deadline was then extended to the period of November 21 to December 15.


Each passing day, the Government loses hope of recovering sh432b from several companies, including 10 ghost firms, which it gave loans in the 1990s. This was revealed on Tuesday by officials from the Ministry of Finance headed by the accountant general, Gastavio Bwoch, who pleaded with Parliament to help them recover the money.


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